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How Long Does It Take A Carpet To Dry?

how long does it take a carpet to dry

How Long Does it Take A Carpet To Dry After A Carpet Cleaning Service?

Today, many of the carpet cleaning service requested are for immediate response. Whether you request same day service or next day service. Therefore, the drying time on the carpet becomes a very important factor when deciding on the carpet cleaning service you choose.

There are several factors that can help with a faster drying time, however, drying time will normally range between 4-6 hours. In addition, a faster drying time for you carpet is key for the overall success of the job and the longevity of the results.

Professional equipment for a faster drying time.

There are several methods to clean a carpet. However, there is one main method recommended as long as conditions allow, and that is truck mounted carpet cleaning. A professional truck mounted carpet cleaning unit operate on gasoline, therefore, the power is generated through a motor burning gas. By using a truck mounted carpet cleaner, the blower and suction allowed on the machine is higher corresponding to the size of the engine. Therefore, a bigger engine will results in better suction and a dryer carpet.

In addition to a truck mounted unit you will also find portable carpet cleaners and chemdry methods. The portable carpet cleaners function in a similar fashion to a truck mounted unit, however, the power generated is much lower, therefore, leading to a longer dry time on your carpet. The chemdry carpet cleaning method is geared for short pile commercial carpet. This method will scrub the top of you carpet, however, the cleaning will not be deep or last long. Nevertheless, drying time is much faster.

The Condition of The Carpet As A Drying Factor.

The condition of the carpet also plays a significant role in the drying time of the carpet. The dirtier the carpet, the more product will be needed, therefore, leading to stronger steam pressure on your carpet. Ultimately that means reaching deeper into the carpet and causing more layers of it to be wet. This has a direct affect to the overall drying time of the carpet. Therefore, the dirtier your carpet is, the longer it will take to dry.

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