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Pet Stain Removal From A Wool Rug

pet stain removal from a wool rug

Pet Stain Removal From A Wool Rug Takes Years Of Experience

Every day we run into a rug cleaning service in Newport Coast, Newport Beach and surrounding areas. In particular, the coastal homes have beautiful wool rugs, persian rugs and other specialty rugs. In addition, it is also common to find in these homes pets, whether a dog or a cat. Therefore, it is only a matter of time until some pet stains will occur on your beautiful area rug. Nevertheless, unlike pet stain removal from a synthetic carpet, natural fiber rug cleaning offers many challenges.

Natural Fiber Rugs Are More Delicate

Natural fiber rugs are much more delicate than a synthetic carpet or rug. While the variety of products we can use on synthetic fiber is wide, natural fibers demand special attention. In order to make it more understandable, synthetic fibers can take a product with 13.5 Ph level, while natural fibers only 6.5 Ph.

That means that the strength of the cleaning product used to remove the different stains can be twice the strength of the rug cleaning product. In addition, for pet stain removal, the top products are not recommended for natural fiber use. Therefore, removing any stains from specialty natural fiber rugs are difficult. More so, the removal of pet stains from a wool rug takes many years of experience.

What Could Happen If Wrong Product Applied?

Every material has its own level Ph that keeps it looking bright with its own colors. However, using the wrong rug cleaning products to remove stains could cause discoloration and even bleach the rug. That is why it is very important that you get your rugs cleaned with a professional rug cleaning service. And better yet, a local family owned and run rug cleaning service in Newport Coast with personable customer service.

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